Heat Pumps

Not many homeowners know what a heat pump is or understand how it works. First, heat pumps don’t actually make heat in the same manner as a furnace. A heat pump absorbs energy from the air outside, even if it is cold, and then transfers that energy into your home or building. An advantage of a heat pump is that it can also work as an air conditioner. It can take the warm indoor air and move that heat energy outdoors while cooling the indoors. Heat Pumps are perfect for the PNW, they are most effective in temperatures above 40°(F) and since the PNW spends 70% of the heating season above 40°, this makes a heat pump an ideal choice for an energy efficient heating solution. Add a heat pump to your propane or electric furnace and lower your annual heating cost by at least 50%. 

Some advantages that come with a heat pump system: 

  • Lower running costs. Heat pumps are very efficient. This efficiency translates into savings on your power bill! 
  • Carbon emissions. A heat pump system does not require combustion, so it does not create carbon emissions the same way a furnace system does. 
  • Cooling. A heat pump system can also work as an air conditioning system. Have a heat pump system? You have air conditioning with that! 

At Gold Mountain Air, we install various heat pump brands and systems depending on what will work best in the type of home our customer has. 

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